Prison Architect is now in Alpha!


Base Pack

Get Instant access to the Prison Architect Alpha (PC, Mac and Linux) and you also get a pre-order of the full finished game (PC, Mac and Linux) in all it's glory - you'll get a Steam key so you can activate the alpha (and eventually the full game) on Steam and get access to their community features. We're planning on releasing regular updates and you'll get access to all of these as well as private access to a wiki and forums where we'll be discussing the game.


As well as Instant Access to the alpha, get a PDF of our stunning Prison Architect Art book and a download of the Official Sound Track. Neither of these are finished yet, but Ryan (art) and Al (sound) won't let you down.

Get all four Introversion games (PC, Mac, Linux, Soundtrack and Steam keys) as well as the previous tiers. Go on - you may have Uplink, Darwinia and DEFCON, but what about Multiwinia?

Name in the Game
Immortalize yourself, by getting a prisoner named after you and supply the info for his rapsheet. Your prisoner will be in the final version of PA and everyone will know that *YOU* helped make the game a reality. Obviously you get all the previous tiers too.

Physical Pleasures
You get a special limited edition Game DVD and Soundtrack CD, a Poster (sent in a tube so you can proudly frame it). A Special Prison Architect T-shirt (sent in a jiffy bag so you'll need to iron it). A super sexy PA art book to leave on your coffee table and scare your nan. We'll be shipping this close to the launch of PA (which could be a while) so you'll have to enjoy ALL PREVIOUS TIERS while you wait.

Digital-Immorto-Criminalise Your Face (100 max) Sold Out
Close your eyes and imagine how cool it would be to have a prisoner in the game that looks just like you. Send us a picture of your face and we'll have our artist draw custom imagery for the in-game prisoner sprite. Truly, this is the best way to see yourself in a maximum security prison. Click on the icon on the left to see an example of how awesome it looks. You also get every prior tier, so you'll be able to name and write the bio for the little guy too. Everyone who ever plays PA will know your face and high-five you in the street.

Shake it like a Polaroid Picture (20 max) Sold Out
Prison Architect is full of cutsy cartoon sprites, but when we need to be a bit more poignant we use gritty polaroids to bring the message home - these are the emotional nails smashed into your right Temporoparietal junction. We'll work with you to design a scenario and our artist will draw a polaroid starring your personalized prisoner, which will appear in the game as a rare collectable. To make it extra special, you'll receive a framed print of your polaroid in the post. If you've read the other descriptions you'll also know by now that you get all the other tiers too.

Oops :)
Warden Norton I presume?
(5 max)
Sold Out
Remember the Civ V world leaders that each bring a special world ability? Not content with your own prisoner likeness, and custom polaroid? Come in at this level and you'll also get to design the warden. There will be five wardens in game and the player will have to choose which one to use each time. One of these will be designed by you and us and have a special feature or buff that we'll work together to figure out. As if that isn't worth the price tag alone you also get....every......other......tier.
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